The system consists of three levels: 

Bachelor grade – lasts 3 years 
Master grade– lasts 2 years, following the bachelor one. 
Doctor grade – lasts from 3 to 5 years 

The composition study program is divided into several mutually connected units, that participate on forming of student’s artistic and human qualities. 

1) The main subject 

a) Composition
b) Composition Seminar

2) Additional composition subjects

a) Historical composition studies 
b) Studies of modern composition techniques
c) Orchestration 

3) Applicative composition

a) Electroacoustic music
b) Film and theatre music

4) Theory 

special subjects – parts of composition study programme
a) Theory of composition
b) Composition studies

5) Associated subjects 

a) Ethnomusicology 
b) Piano Practice
c) Score Playing 
d) Grammar of notation

6) History of music, Aesthetics of music 
(provided by theory and history of music department)

Ph.D. Program

Composition and Composition Theory 


– Free Composition
– Electroacoustic and multimedial Composition

Entrance examination consists of:

a) overview of methodical problems of contemporary musicology
b) knowledge of music theory and history
c) knowledge of candidate's planned dissertation and its context
d) knowledge of two world languages
e) artistic standars of the candidate

The candidate must submit the proposition of the planned dissertation.


Ph.D. programme 2015/2016 - we offer the study field Composition and Composition Theory

Knowledge of English at level B2 required!

Announcement of entrance exams

Full-time or combined study: three-year programme

Application form: (in the English version)


Amount : 15 EUR

The amount sent to: KB, Malostranské nám. 23, 110 00 Praha 1
IBAN format of the KB Account: CZ5301000000195373180297
The proof of payment must be included with the application.

Fee: 1957 EUR per 1 semester

Terms and conditions of entrance examinations


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